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FamilyLobby Glitter Text


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Smile~ December color challenge~ Cream, Blue and Purple.


I was inspired by Merrys creation for the same challenge at Club CK. this is my version. I did have lots more embellishments and more journalling but found that they distracted from the vibrancy of the layout so bit by bit took most of it away and ended up with this more simplistic design, but I love it. My fave colour is purlpe and when I saw this challenge I knew that this photo would be perfect for it. I had made my oldest daughters purple dress myself and remembered that she wore it in this photo.

Karaoke~Summer Nights. Club CK challenge~swirlies


Shane loves to sing, infact he has an amazing voice. me I didn’t really do the karaoke thing till I met Shane. Now we are enbarking on singing a few duets when we go out (which isn’t often). But I am enjoying it more now! And yes we did get applause after we sang Summer Nights!

I used my newly found blending technique for this one. blending photos into patterened paper backgrounds then recoloured it.

Club CK~ November Recipe Challenge entry.~recipe for Love~Shane and JoAnne


I am particularly proud of this one, I created the scalloped edge pages by using scallop boarders and layering to existing pages,  resizing then merging layers then saving as psd file.  love the look it gave. Most products from shabby shoppe but some embellishments from other free websites.